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Thank you for your interest in anthrodesign!
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My name is Natalie Hanson, and I am an anthropologist working in the business world.  I founded anthrodesign in 2002 and still moderate it today.

While I was working on my PhD in Cultural Anthropology, I grew increasingly interested in and focused on the relationship between social scientists, designers, and engineers in the product and project lifecycle.  As I was trying to define my next steps professionally, I put together and moderated a panel for the American Anthropology Association meetings about the role of anthropologists in research & development functions in the high tech industry.  The panel was so energizing and motivating that our conversations extended past the meetings.

I formed the anthrodesign listserv in 2002 so that we could continue to engage and include the growing numbers who were interested in doing so.  Now in 2013, the list has nearly 3000 members (including social scientists, designers, and many others) who engage in dialogue both online and in person at local gatherings.

I hope to meet you in person at an event before too long!  In the meantime, you can learn more about me on my website if you like.

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